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About Us

MegaCorp One specializes in disruptive innovation in the nanotechnology industry. We are responsible for industry defining standards in the medical, electronic, and commerce fields.

Our success begins with the assessment of small teams working on independent project. Once we have selected a project that we believe will succeed, we procure their talent and refine the technology toward our common goals.

The ability to discover and encourage the brightest minds in the industry, has led to our rapidly increasing growth.

Chief Executive Officer, Joe Sheer, has been featured in the Journal of NanoTimes stating:

Our team is creating the building blocks of modern society, where technology and life are inseparable.
We continue to strive for a better world by creating a society that is integrated into our framework.


MegaCorp One began as a computer processor start-up that grew tired of artificially limiting technology to extend profit margins.

We had technology in our engineering labs that exceeded anything available to the consumer, but we were limited by government contracts and investor expectations. This frustrated a group of us, and we decided to start our own company, that focused on providing bleeding edge technology directly to the consumer.

Our release of bleeding edge processors, that were substantially smaller and more efficent, lead to the creation of the term "nanotechnology." This buzzword further fueled our growth and allowed us to fund research in multiple industries.

We now offer technology that is found in everything ranging from heart pumps to smart weapons, with both consumer and government agencies as our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance society into an integrated world that is not separated by borders, restrictions, or currencies. We believe that the world can work towards the advancement of humans, by working with us towards our vision.

Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities are available using blockchain-based currencies. Please contact us for further information.

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